Saturday, October 13, 2012


Properly feeding your Pit Bull will not only keep them looking healthy but you will also help them avoid common health problems like joint problems.
Pit Bulls are active dogs that need plenty of exercise. If they are overweight exercise can put extra strain on their bodies and their internal systems which can cause serious problems.
On the same line of thought, an underweight dog can also become ill due to not being on a properly balanced diet.
Keeping your Pit Bull Terrier at a healthy weight requires that you put some thought into what you're feeding, how much you're feeding, and understanding your dogs energy requirements and nutritional needs.
This is a "trial and error" process that takes some experimenting to get right.

How to Keep Your Pit Bull at the Right Weight

The proper weight for your dog is unique to your dog. In other words, while my dogs are 65 lbs and 68lbs in peak condition their proper walking around weight is a few lbs heavier.
You learn this information through trial and error.
IMPORTANT: Two things you should do before you start getting your dog in shape. First, take your dog to the vet and get a full check up to ensure they are in good health to start. Second, keep them on the same diet but increase their exercise.
Some people make the mistake of reducing food and increasing exercise. This is not healthy. If you are going to get them out and start conditioning them, keep their food intake the same but increase the exercise gradually.
For example, if they get 2 cups of food and one walk a day. They should still get 2 cups of food even if they get 2 walks a day. Are you with me?

Pit Bull Health - Feeding Summary

You can free feed or set a feeding time. The choice is up to you. The point of this article was share with you the different ideas and approaches to keeping your Pit Bull at a healthy weight.
Keeping that in mind, monitoring your dogs food intake and reducing the amount of treats they eat daily will help you keep your dog at their proper weight.
Healthy dogs look skinny to most people.
Think about it this way, the more weight your dog has to carry around they have to carry the same amount of weight when they exercise and play.
Every gain a few pounds and try to run or exercise the same amount you did when you were lighter?
Wasn't easy was it? It's not for your dog either. So keep their food intake to a decent amount (1-2 cups per day for dry food) and give them plenty of exercise. They'll have a much longer, healthier life in the end.